Service Fee
1004 Full Appraisal** Conventional-Base Fee $375.00
1004 Full Appraisal** Non-Conventional Quote
2055 Exterior Only** $375.00-$425.00
2055 With Interior** $375.00
2075** $250.00
442 Certificate of Completion $100.00-$150.00
Condominium $375.00-$475.00
Re Certification of value Quote
Retrospective Appraisals Quote
2-4 Unit Properties Quote
Vacant Land Quote

**Rates are subject to change based on the complexity of assignment.
Not all properties fit into the above guidelines. Due to location, excessive lot or improvement size, unique zoning, etc., some of the properties may cost more to appraise.

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We cover San Luis Obispo and Santa Clara counties.

Contact Information
North County
7383 El Camino Real
Phone: 805-466-3210
Fax: 805-466-3232

South County
968 W. Grand Ave #203
Grover Beach
Phone: 805-481-4481
Fax: 805-481-4446

Mailing Adress:
P.O. Box 637
Atascadero, CA 93423

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Priority Appraisals
We offer a limited number of appraisals with a turnaround time of 48 hrs.
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